Happy Rubber Ducky Day!

Quacky Birthday Rubbber DuckieJanuary 13, 2015

Happy Rubber Ducky Day! It's just Ducky. Time to make a splash on January 13.

Thirty-five years ago, on Jan. 13, 1970, Ernie the Muppet debuted his “Rubber Ducky” ditty, and the song flew to No....
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Sweat and the Small Stuff: Quick Maintenance Tips for Care of Your Finnleo Traditional Sauna

Finnleo Traditional Steam Sauna Seaside ModelJanuary 6, 2015 By taking care of your Finnleo Traditional Sauna, it will take care of you. Heed these simple tips to keep your sauna looking and working like new for sauna after sauna.                                                                                        
  • Keep it natural. Don’t paint, varnish, or stain the...
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